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About Rachel

Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m an intuitive gal doing energy work from the UK.  I love to give detailed and caring tarot readings, I also read from the dakini oracle, and I include any personal energy work  I recommend you can do yourself, or advice I feel may be helpful for you! Intuitive and empathic from birth, I have been on an interesting and tumultuous sensitive journey, which life decided to take me on. I have been on my divination journey for over 12 years in a more structured sense, with guides both physical and spiritual assisting me in developing my attributes.

Head on over to the Readings page to learn more about what I can offer for you.

 I am also a musician and songstress, you can learn more about that part of me at rachelhillary.co.uk

Have a wander over to my Etsy shop if you like, where I list a few different readings and items, often changing – but visit the Readings page for more information, as not all of my reading services are on my etsy page, you can contact me via the Contact page, as I like to talk about your needs as a client one on one. You can also enquire about distance Reiki sessions, or sessions in person.

This website also is home to my Guided Meditations designed to take you on magical, relaxing journeys. My Guided Meditations are available on the Insight Timer app where you can find many happy souls leaving reviews having listened, it’s a free app and I really recommend it as it has so many beautiful meditations to choose from on there!

The written word expressed here on the main page, is designed to tickle your wonder and ignite your heart.  Come join us down the magical rabbit hole.



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“Rachel aka: Red Moon Woman is a wonderful reader & an awesome being. I found her on Insight Timer, which is a meditation app. I LOVE her guided meditations. I did a little digging, found her website and I am very happy to now have her as my reader. Her readings are dead on, her insight, creativity & compassion give me exactly what I need from a reading. I am so very grateful to have found this beautiful woman. Thank you Rachel, for having a very positive impact on my life.” – Kristen 

“Thank you so much for your most insightful reading and great advice. It was the most personal and accurate reading I have ever had.”

“The interpretation of the cards was very well written and easy to follow, with the voice of the reader being engaging and informative. I found the reading to bring me clarity, peace of mind, and kind words of guidance.”

“A lovely reading from a lovely person :)”

“Very interesting person to discuss with”

“Very lengthy, detailed reading.”

“Lovely Reading from a Lovely Lady”

“Amazing, insightful reading.”

“Great reading, thank you”

“Very pleased thank you”